Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank you

Thank you SO much for the overwhelming response to the book and the contest. And for all the sweet comments. This has made me so happy. Thank you so so much.

Meantime, I haven't been blogging in almost a week, all because I have been covered in work (still am, really shouldn't be here—can't help myself :-)
I rely on Florence here, to nurse me if it gets too hard ;o) She's wearing a part of one of the projects I'm working on as a hat, btw -- I figured that was the least I could offer in return.

A delightful side effect of being visited by all you sweet people, has been the chance to visit you back. Wonderful places—beautiful blogs. Thank you for that too.
Please feel free to dive into all the great links.

Sea of Love by Cat Power
And a dreamy, chunky blanket at light locations. Yum.

Remember; you can still enter the Scraps' November Contest


  1. oh she needs that hat! Perk her up... :)

    hey where did all those people come from?? Wow! :)So wild...!

  2. aimee ·· Isn't it?! I think if anyone can wear it it'd be Ms Nightingale! (Is it Ms os Mrs??)

    mansuetude ·· I know. I'm completely thrown over.

  3. same here Christine, no time to blog much...
    love the hat too :)

  4. thank you!
    So Very beautiful, this humming... x

  5. Kul bild!
    Det är alltid inspirerande att titta in här:)

  6. Oh! I came late for the contest. Booo

  7. Just got my copy of Scraps and its lovely. Just lovely especially all your kind and gentle words to inspire in the making of one's very own collage. Thank you for such a wonderous gift. Blessings to you and your gifted "Artworking Soul"...Eden Clare O'Meara