Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking back, over my shoulder

Before Elsebeth and I began creating illustrations for Scraps, we had ourselves a book altering adventure :) These are a few pages from one I did. In a way a bit like Dear Diary.
I adore this photo. Has an authentic feel to it. It is part of a set: Eyewear, which is ... no words for this. Please see it! :-)
*if you haven't entered the Scraps November Draw - please do. Runs straight through all of November*
Thanks to all of you who have already left comments :-)


  1. love that top photo, big fat touched tied and layered by hand!


    blessings big and windy to U>

  2. i love seeing your diary :)
    that ace of hearts card is beautiful

  3. it's an amazing work. You are really plein of fantasy