Friday, October 23, 2009


I have a GoCard out this week. (GoCards are free postcards, on stands in cafés and bars all over town). This says (in Danish): I _____ you, and on the back there's a cloud of suggestions; miss, bring, see, text, admire, help, love, choose, dare, hold, and many more :-) Feel free to fill in the blank.

This add from VW made me smile.
I am SO going to watch Yann Arthus-Bertrand's HOME in HD, when Danish Television airs it on November 1st. (you can see the whole film with the link on YouTube. And the guys at YT have been kind to make the screen xtra large). (Link via Elsebeth).
On a more ... delicious level, please visit Ritzy Bee. Boy! She makes yumminess.
Have a delightful weekend :-)


  1. this is excellent! i love the design and the concept - you can make it naughty OR nice ;)

    these are not easy to find in the US - the only place i've seen similar cards are at bars, but they are nowhere as elegant as yours.

  2. love the stairs that play music and your card is so soft and lovely...

    i (adore) you!
    i (shine) you!
    i (sugar and salt) you!


    that could get addictive.

  3. good idea, christine! it's so open to imagination...

  4. oh! too much time without visiting you! Lots of beautiful things...

  5. looks lovely, christine :) i love the cloud
    thanks for the piano stairs link, sooo cool!!