Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Facts of Sunday blogging

Hi :) I hope you had a great weekend. And for you Danish guys who had efterårsferie (an autumn holiday here), I hope you have enjoyed that too.
Sunday fact #1) My left pinky finger hurts from extensive week + weekend knitting. (I use it to hold the string so it won't flobber). I made a vest :-) (above)
Sunday Fact #2) Went to TIVOLI and took 104 pictures I would have sworn were all orange and had pumpkins in them, but my little collage turned out ... purple-ish :) How wonderfully surprising!
Sunday Fact #3) (I don't have any more). Feel free to add a Sunday fact!

♫ Bon Iver: Re:Stack?
My Funny Eye posts The Ends.
And Grainne Morton makes the most beautiful brooches, ear rings, necklaces -- pure yumminess. She also has a blog. (via She Draws)


  1. Hi Christine :) Great photos! And I am sooo impressed by your knitted vest. Wow!

  2. Åhh, så mycket fint det var här!!!!!
    Ha en bra arbetsvecka:)

  3. sunday facts

    made fresh broth
    bananna bread with walnuts
    hot tea with lemon

    still tired.
    love your images!
    stay warm

  4. Kelly ·· Hi :-) and thanks:-)

    Marie-Louise ·· tak, og det samme til dig

    M ·· Thank you for your Sunday facts. I love them. XO

  5. I like the colors in your pictures. Good set.

    (sunday fact: preparing and throwing a party on a sunday leaves you exhausted no end, as if you didn't have a sunday at all, in fact. But it was fun)

  6. ja, orange/gul och violett är ju komplementfärger. Vackert med dina foton...

    (sunday fact: tecahing workshop all Sunday makes your throat sore)

  7. Your blog is so fresh and beautiful! I'm happy that I found my way here.

  8. i love the purple/ yellow/ white/ browns...

  9. your photo collage is very gorgeous christine. colours and tones perfect.