Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shift in Energy

Been rearranging. I wanted to be able to post larger images, and it took me a while to crack it.
Thank you, you wonderful people who have helped me. Couldn't have done't without you. Really!
(Man!—html is tricky business.)
A feel for shift in energy. It feels good.
Chocolate Brwni *yum*
(and working quite a bit, too)

—and listening to new music (thanks Schanett and Esti).

Brilliants by Ana Ventura, via Smosch
Happy Monday


  1. yay, you did it! looks good :)
    yeah, html can be quite tricky...

  2. Okay Christine...det er så her du måske skal hjælpe MIG...haha...har gentagne gange forsøgt at knække den "større billeder" kode...og kors, jeg syntes jeg gjorde det nix...øv...
    Ser super godt ud...:) og lækker kage :)

  3. some day you can html me some of that good looking cake! That will happen.

    Hope you are well!
    Thanks for always thinking of me.

  4. yes! it looks grrrreat with the bigger images! Och chokladkakan får min mage att längta!