Sunday, May 17, 2009


Busy with work, but urging to collage. I'll refrain from promising myself to do more right now, it's hard to plan time like that. Nomatter. I enjoyed the little space she provided.
I hope your weekend is peaceful.
Collage exp
Eco Toes from Infusion.
Mel Kadel (drawings).


  1. Your illo es great! I like her face...
    and mel kadel is so so good...

  2. hon fick mig att skratta till!!!

    Ja, visst längtar man efter att få göra sitt eget när man jobbar mycket med beställningsjobb? fast man skall ju inte klaga... jag jobbade en gång som nattportier som brödjobb - och det var inte kul

  3. I shall resist the urge to plead for more, more, more given that you are swaped... happy weekend.

  4. Swap that 'swaped' for a 'swamped' and my message hopefully makes a little more sense.


  5. Beautiful! I love your blog(s)!

  6. so good to have even a tiny bit of time for your own work while you are busy with other things. lovely work.