Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thank You

Merci, Chere Sophie, for the nice present which was in my mailbox yesterday. I love it, and I'm looking so much forward to making it. (I hope I will live up to the challenge - it is sooo tiny - I placed a match, to illustrate just how small it is). The ones you made are so beautiful - you are so talented. (I would write you an email as well, but your adress is at work, and I am home on holiday.)
And thank you all, for your sweet words. My hall isn't big - quite small actually
and covered with pictures of family, friends, drawings and now also blue, mint, purple and gold colours:) (Photo-show on request:)
The little layers on the bag are coming along nicely. The bag is slowly growing and the ball is decreasing. Everything is as it should be:))

Please visit Maison Yummi for great colours, Alexandra Hedberg for authenticity and Cannelle et Vanille ( maybe this should go on my food blog, but oh-my-god! Gotta share this stunning yumminess;)
Please have a happy Thursday


  1. Here's to delights received by post... and your hallway looks so inviting and lovely.
    see you, g

  2. yes, what a nice hallway with that blue - thank you for sharing.
    And thank you for the link to my blog!

  3. Hej Christine,
    det var så länge sen!
    Men det är kul att se så mycket nytt.
    Vilken fin hall, roliga färger och härligt med alla bilder. Det är väldigt kul att få sig en liten titt in i livet.
    Ha det så bra och njut av sommaren som pågår JUST NU!

  4. Hej Christine,
    Den farve ville jeg nok ha nægtet Lone at bruge, men det ser fint ud hos dig.
    Jeg har været lidt for længe væk. Tak for påmindelsen.
    God ferie!

  5. Hurray! You did it! It looks so beautiful, and cheerful.

  6. Christine, you're hallway rocks! What is this trim on the blue? Buttons? How clever! And I love your blackboard door.

    I love love love seeing the way some of you fabulous bloggers decorate your houses. Another creative medium, but probably the most personal of all!