Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29th/ IF: Fierce

... as in "this is one fierce colour for a wall".
Now it's the new colour of my hall. I have had white walls in the whole appartment for a decade, and I was in need for a change.
Also part of Dear Diary.


  1. Woul you post pictures of your hallway? It's really a happy color!

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the stamp
    Christine !
    Nice pictures again -in your blog !
    I will show your stamps in my blog sometime this week !
    Best Regards !

  3. Three cheers for more fierce wall colors out in the world. Down with white!

  4. I love the colour.

  5. I love that shade of blue... and it would make for an inviting hallway hue. Yay! for colour.

  6. Beautiful, love the experimental quality!!

  7. hi, christine, this is fabulous! i love your lettering and that shade of blue!

  8. Beautiful again Christine!!
    Love it!

  9. Love your pages and your hall colour! Very interesting blog as well - lots of different art.

  10. ahhh such power in the hue of blue... and i have found that need sometimes for color (as an indicator of need for change, too). Its weird how color soaks into the eye and affects the inside self sometimes, isn't it?

    I think you love the sea the sky a spiritual boat to travel to new riches inside you. May they manifest with grace.

  11. Appealing piece, & congrats on your brave new hall!

  12. blue is blue is blue.
    Is it big your hall?
    Blue can be so present

    Thanks for all your comments, Christine. I've actually visited your blog (this one, not the food one) many times. Quietly.

    and I keep coming back.