Friday, January 10, 2014

Good mistakes

I dare advertise that there is no such thing as doing wrong when it comes to making collages. Even the »mistakes« or unintended outcomes we make are precious lessons—if we dare see them as such.

So it wouldn't make any sence for me not to share this page—allthough it is not my proudest! I could go on about how the colours are messy, how I dislike the lack of focus, and the absent story. Sure, I could pull out the sledgehammer and beat myself up over how rotten this piece of ... dollop ... is, and »you-call-yourself-a-collage-artist?!«. But. I shall turn the sheet, I shall, and start a new page :-)

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Today's link: Artist Stefan Volatile-Wood
One of my favorite pieces of his is this: Deconstruction III (Sentinel)

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  1. collages have always been one of the hardest mediums for me. I always find my collages so disjointed...