Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Favorite color

Thank you again for playing advent calendar this month. The last presents are on their way to their new owners, I hope you like them :-) And I hope your Christmas days are mellow and peaceful. 

The holiday created a space for a bit of trinket-making. I love making trinkets! These (top) were a little challenging, just enough to be fun to make. I can't dodge these colors no matter how hard I try to experiment with: "yeah, I'm like into ...yellow!" Nope. I'm into brown. And this watery blue-green. My closet reflects it. My yarn stash. And my trinkets. And hey :-) My Pinterest boards. Which makes me smile. A natural attraction, I guess :-)
Do you have a palette you always return to?
Pernille made Bell Jars. Want to make these next year :-)


  1. Jeg siger også tusind tak for din forrygende skønne julekalender! Det er jo rigtig sjovt, når man vinder... to gange - jeg er bare heldig.
    Rigtig godt nytår!

  2. Christine! The beautiful stars arrived in the mail today in perfect shape and I LOVE THEM! Thank you so, so much. Happy new year!! xo Aimee

  3. Dear Christine,

    Popping up the morning of New Year's Eve to say thank-you for the treasure you posted my way. How wonderful! And adorable. And much appreciated.

    Here, on instagram, a little peep:

    ...and on today's post too:

    Thanks again! Most kind of you. I'll enjoy putting these to use and will share the result.

    Happy New Year!
    G xo