Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jam Season

August prooved quite the Month of the Berry! Since late July, we have been picking and plucking until our hands were sticky, and pots and bowls bulged of ripe juicy redcurrant, raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant.


I recently started watching the tv-series 30ROCK, and I have to say: I'm smitten! Jack Donaghy cracks me up completely. The other day Jack was going to perform a sketch live on the show, sucked, but wouldn't give up:

Jack: »Once I set my mind to something I have to accomplish it. Ten years ago I was an inch and a half shorter than I am today, sheer will power. If I don't figure this thing out by Friday, then failure wins and that's not acceptable.«
An inch and a half shorter ... Sheer will power!! Couldn't stop laughing!

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