Sunday, September 16, 2012

I know Autumn is coming, when ...

... the fresh hazelnuts are here
... I start organizing my yarn by color
... the Orpine is blooming on the balcony
...and pumpkins are smelling rosemary in the oven
With the risk of repeating myself; Autumn is my Absolute Favorite Time of Year. And it's almost here! *Yay*!!!
In this Autumn issue, Sweet Paul is making mushrooms from felt and paper. Here and here.


  1. Hi my Autumn girlfriend, looking forward to Autumn mushroom hunting with you in the forest, very nice autumn poste. Have a nice September day

  2. Hvor er de bare fine, dine mushrooms ;-)

    Mvh. Line Hvid fra Aller

  3. Happy Autumn to you.
    Those hazelnuts look so lovely
    have never seen them in shell of any kind. Been making
    hot rich broth already but I really don't want summer to end.
    Afternoons are still warm, and I am enjoying as much as possible.

    You have been very busy indeed!