Monday, April 9, 2012


Not too long ago we hung this little devise on the balcony. A chicken wire »tube« stuffed with natural, unbleached felting wool. For the birds' nests. I didn't have any expectations as to how fast, or if, even, they'd find it ...
 but the next day, surely, there it was, a little Titmouse, plucking away at the wool.
Needless to say, I was totally mesmerized by this little creature, I even got so keep on catching her on camera, I got in half an hour later for work!  Thank goodness, I'm my own boss! ;o)
She's been around every day since. The tube is almost empty now. We'll have to fill er up :-)
Up in a tree, in a nest somewhere, little Titmice come into the world in our wool. I shan't ever ask for more...


  1. Hvor henrivende!
    Hvor må det være spændende at følge med i. :-)

  2. Skønt! Super god ide :-) LOVE IT!

  3. Great idea, love it, it´s so sweet:)
    I might do the same, as the birds just are arriving to Estonia right now:)

  4. the last line of this post! Magnificent!!!!So beautiful.

    I meant to wish you a Happy Easter and all its Blessings. Here, I think it must be a blessing made to be opened for eternity, timeless. A blessing so big it can not be late, or lost. :)


    1. Sweet M, thank you.
      Wishing you Happy Easter, and sending blessing your way, always, open for eternity :-) Timeless.

  5. Søde billeder og god idé. Jeg "fodrede" vores fugle med garnender sidste år, efter at have observeret, at de stjal frynserne på vores orientalske tæppe i haven. Men det blev aldrig rigtig en succes, måske jeg skulle kopiere din idé.

    KH Rikke

  6. Jeg fandt den hos Helle Schjønning. Hun har den med i sin fabelagtige bog Magiske måneder. Jeg synes også den er superfin! Og så virker den :-)))

  7. Just found your blog from Isabellas post on my face book. Love the photos of the Bluetit taking the wadding for her nest. When it stops raining ;( think I'll put some out for the birds in my garden.