Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Cutting at Bakkehus Museum

Last Saturday we spend the whole day cutting Easter mobiles from old templets at The Bakkehus Museum.

In the early 19th century Bakkehuset (House on the Hill) was the home of Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek and a cultural meeting place for the authors, scientists and artists of the time; H. C. Andersen, H. C. Ørsted, B.S. Ingemann, N.F.S. Grundtvig, Johan Ludvig Heiberg, Steen Steensen Blicher and many others came here to discuss literature, science and art with like-minded people.
Kamma Rahbek and mobiles in the window

The house exudes warmth, creativity and broad-mindedness. And the cut-out event was a hoot!

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