Sunday, July 17, 2011


Went for a long walk yesterday, and through the rose garden. It is such a delightful place.
Still doing close to nothing, and enjoying it to pieces.

Went pinning (one can always go pinning) yesterday, and fell in love with
These Quiet Blues— the collection of Brittish algea from the archives of The New Yourk Public Library. Here's an overview. And here's a sample. You can start here, and use the arrows to continue. I get lost in these.
A quiet tune to go with it? May I recommend Tom?


  1. Christine~ thanks for stopping by my blog! I received my goodies from you this week in the mail. The book is absolutely wonderful! May I post a scan of the cover and a photo of what you sent on my blog? I would like to let everyone know about the book and its great inspirational photos and suggestions...thank you so much for the give away!

  2. Loovely photography Christine, yummy eye candy!

  3. Beautiful photography ... those flowers look almost good enough to eat! :)