Friday, December 17, 2010

Floor Art

Thank you for participation in the giveaway :-) And thank you for your sweet comments.
Remember there's still time to enter - I'll draw a winner Tuesday Morning-ish.

It's been snowing here again (the trees look so pretty) and looking down in the Copenhagen Metro yesterday – so did the floor there! What a wonderful little piece of art we made, with our snowy boots and dirt from the streets.
I instantly found myself looking for figures in there. Do you see any?


A few new (to-me) blogs: Joanne, Creature Comforts, Memi the Rainbow, Kena + her cats :-)
A series of xmas sweets (in Danish), and a funny ad :-)

Ah - what the heck! Let's have a song as well. My old and dear friend gave me Annie Lennox' new xmas cd. It's beautiful. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (I love the old-postcardy video as well :-))

Have a swell weekend :-)


  1. Thank you for mentioning me ...
    You are very sweet :)
    excelent and suggestive "floor art"
    I see a face of Papá Noel.(This is true)
    Perhaps this dates predispose us to see Christmas things !
    Have a goog weekend and I'm sorry for my english

  2. Enjoy the visual delight of the snow... here it is summer rain and the garden is one tropical green oasis.

    Nice photo, too.

  3. Floor art ... how wonderful. What delightful patterns the relationship between humans and nature create! :)

  4. Love the fact that you try to see something beautiful in everything that surrounds you.

  5. Thanks Kena, so are you. Papa Noel - awesome! :-) I think your english is terrific :-)

    Thanks Gracia, I can hardly imagine:-) For a while I had a subscription for Donna Hay, and I always got confused when I got a magazine full of hot beverages and autumn flavours ... in the middle of spring, etc :-)) (But a gorgeous mag)

    Thanks Tracey, yes we did good :-)

    Thanks Monica, you're very sweet :-)

  6. OHHHH !!!ajaja hehehe jojoo
    I wil try of to correct it :) ( My english)