Friday, November 12, 2010

My Brand New Pin Board :)

Man! I feel lucky. A few days ago, I got an invitation from Pinterest, and I've been the Happiest Pinner ever, since.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest inspiration boards at

Let me tell 'ya – here I was, thinking the Internet was too cool to be true as it was – no way it could get any better, and it went ahead and did! I mean – all the cool stuff I see when blogging and browsing, and drool over, wanting to keep forever stuck to (yet to come-)photographic memory – now on my virtual pin board! Plus I get to see other people's favourites. And their favourites. (Can hardly breathe). If in doubt, let me emphasize. I LOOOOVE Pinterest!

And once again, to all you creative talents out there: Thanks for sharing all your beautiful wonders!


  1. Hello Christine,
    I've sent a request for an invitation to Pinterest yesterday, do you have any idea how long you have to be on the waiting list?
    I really, really want to make pin boards too!
    Such a cool way to collect nice images.

  2. Yes, it's final: I'm addicted! Help, I need to work! Can't go to Pinterest for a few hours ;-(
    And yes, the rain has stopped, luckily our village wasn't flooded...

  3. I share your joy, just started on my boards today, and can't drag myself away from the sheer organisational brilliance of it all. Following yours with interest.

  4. I do too ! a great way to unwind and see the positive & pretty side of this world !
    this is where I "met" you :)
    Have fun !

  5. I'm a little behind, but (okay, that just sounds off...) I just checked out Pinterest...LOVE IT,TOO!! Thanks for sharing :)