Monday, October 18, 2010

Risengrød for dinner

First time we had risengrød for dinner this year. When this happens, we know for sure that Summer is over, and Winter is about to call.

This (not-so-healthy) dish is made from white rice, milk and salt (cooked for an hour), and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and butter. It's rich and yummy, and my stomach complained for hours after :-D Good thing we don't make this too often.

Handmade Romance posted this cute pin.
And Frankie's diary. I love this. Wish I was in Australia (for numerous reasons ;-)

Speaking of which – Gracia and Louise recently returned from Europe. Welcome back girls :-)


  1. this is making me even more hungry than I am! Fab photo's :)


  2. Jaa, här var det mumsigt och fint som vanligt:)

  3. Thanks for the welcome home cheer! Most nice to hear. And I would happily share a bowl of something similar with you should you ever make it to Melbourne.

  4. Gosh, that looks absolutely delicious!!
    You should definitely bring your lovely food to Australia - there seem to be a lot of your readers from 'Oz'.

    PS. I recently blogged about your 'coffee owl', I love it so! :)

  5. You are warm from the inside out, sweet and rich and warm, for the entire year.

    Its nice to know how to fortify yourself, no?

    (google wouldn't let me post:

  6. No Soy milk? Bet Henrik was dissappointed ... hej hej fra Næstved :D

  7. Total Royal risengrød---Ser lækkert ud ;)