Sunday, August 15, 2010


What a relaxing weekend! Reading, knitting, vegging. Normally we take the vacuum cleaner for a spin on weekends, but no-one has mentioned it yet, (whispering: and I'm not gonna now ... ;o)

I am updating my website, sat up until very (very!) late last night. A lot of the images have been replaced with newer ones, and more stuff has been added. Not done yet, many details to be tended to, I'm takin' it slow; being both the client and the provider on this, and mellow either way ...

I'm reading this book on happiness and one of the author's great many points is, that learning a new skill, or succeeding in doing something you find difficult, will boost your happiness. And y'know? – I believe she's right! This feels gooood! I'm not a web designer, in fact; I'm still puzzled by how I managed to create a site for myself, and here I am, updating using only html (I made the site a year and a half ago with a 30-days trial version of DreamWeaver :-) Anyone said cheapskate??! ;-D So now I lack the programme, (but not the persistence), and html it is. Being a blogger really helps too though. Flora helped me get started redesigning my blog with larger images a while back, and my fingers have gotten sticky with html many times since then :-)

Of course I couldn't keep away this morning either; and The Mister is stooping over a build of miniature airplanes, so eventually we needed a stretch o' the limbs, and went for a Sunday Walk.

We walked to the water, and to this bridge (it's a fairly new bridge) And The Mister said: »Do you know the padlocks?«
»???«, I said.

When someone get married, they apparently hang a padlock on this bridge.

Wedlock :-) Yay!

I can't wait to see the magnitude of these tokens years from now.

With this, I encourage you to
Celebrate Love ♥
See you soon :-)

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I have never heard of this! ♥♥♥ How romantic...

  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog from tumblr and I already have your book!!!! LOVE IT! Thank you for it!!!!

  3. The padlocks idea is lovely, esp on a bridge.

    I have a friend who flies little planes like that too. Good luck with your new design and learning always makes me happy too.

    Not growing probably makes us grumpy! Or we just fall asleep.

  4. this is brilliant and beautiful! (of course the cynic in me wonders if anyone goes out there with a lock cutter when a union goes sour!)