Saturday, February 6, 2010


Made these four cards, and put them in the shop. They are all original collages, on an a5 white double card, and come with a matching coloured high quality envelope.

double-click these three to enlarge

Have a sweet weekend!
Talking to Volcano,


  1. I adore your artwork!
    This is particularly inspiring!
    It's very very creative!
    I love it ...

  2. So pretty! Love them. You have a wonderful weekend too!

  3. that fork-head is quite possibly the most fabulous thing i've seen all day!

  4. While waiting in between foils yesterday I was reading your wonderful book. Getting all inspired while waiting for my hair to look all pretty again. Every page is full of explanations on how to. My biggest dilemma is contemplating my collage...what to cut and what to tear apart...I am biting my nails thinking about it all! Blessings Eden

  5. Okay...I won't bite my nails. See the actual act to tear a photo or an image, or altering an image makes me nervous. BUT...I can do this. I know I can especially with your helpful insight on the pages of your book. I know its going to be grand this collage adventure. I will keep you posted. Promise! Eden