Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perhaps it was the idea of all those granny squares, that made me think that I at least needed to finish a few projects first.

Remember the scarf? Well that is ready to venture out into the cold.

And yesterday I did a little fabric bag. For scarfs maybe? Or socks? Or perhaps it's a pillow? Whatever it is, it was great fun to sew :-) and it has been a doodle in my sketch book for longer than I like to admit ... :-)

I'm heading for a busy week, workwise, so here are a few more links that usual ...
Aimee posted of Diana Trout, who made an Art Journal video that was hugely inspiring, if y'ask this humble blogger.
Ale Mercado
Camilla Falsini

Take care :) See you soon


  1. Ih hvor er den dog fin, den pude/taske!


  2. I love the hand image and how you decorated it. Fantastic. Hope to see you soon. Sounds like work/art will take you away from blogland for a few days.

  3. Vad vackert det är med färgerna ... och handen är helt fantastisk!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are so yummy! I love that hand and all the lush color and texture

  5. I love that colour for a scarf to wear. So rich and deep and, best of all for the wearer, flattering too.

  6. Hello Christine,
    Haven´t been here for ages - love it all.
    Your blog has alwauys been one of my overseas favorites ! Beautiful colours and such a find work !

  7. you worked royal wonders with that gorgeous purple, my dear! these are delicious pieces!

  8. Thank you so much :-) And thanks for keeping me company whilst my nose has been buried in work :)

  9. Thats gorgeous! Love all the peerls and details you sewed on the blue hand ^^.