Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under cover still

It snowed again last night. The world insists on being in b&w. It's so funny visiting Geninne or Gracia, whom's worlds are in colour this time of year. Ours will be in colour again when the time comes. For now, I'm enjoying the cold light and crispness.

Do you know Neil Gaiman? He's one of my favorite authors, and recently I stumbled 'cross this adorable little interview his 10-year old daughter made with him. Sometimes in interviews, if you listen real good, you can hear the slight distance the interviewed places between him (or her) and the interviewer (which I totally understand. Must be hard to be expected to turn yourself inside out, because you wrote a book, made a piece of art or).
But you can't do that with your child. Don't want to, I quess. This interview is full of love and smile and un-distance. Made me so happy.


  1. hello Christine and Happy New Year to you!

    thanks for your wonderful words to me. I really value the sharing.

    enjoy your snow, and the way your stitching in the text mimicks some of these patterns of world hidden beneath the white wash of weather.

    what you say about the interview is wise. Love it.

    a wonderful day to you, you prob have something wonderful simmering on the stove... it is cold here, but this light is dazzling across the chasm on the river...

  2. He is one of my very favorites Neil Gaiman. Love the Graveyard Book. I could not put it down. Will listen to the interview and let you know my thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Blessings Eden

  3. the embroidered book page looks so charming...did you create that?

  4. You've had a lot more snow than we've had. I hope you are staying warm and cozy. I never thought of doing abstract stitching.

  5. it's cold and dump here today and this post has just made me happy :)
    the book spread is beautiful!

  6. did you just sew in a book? how beautiful is that!? i love how your mind works!

  7. A world in monochrome, yes, that is just how it is during winter, especially when it snows. Here it is bright and the night still carries the heat from the day. I am enjoying thinking I am in cooler climes and visiting all my blog friends in the northern hemisphere. Thanks for the link to my post... glad you liked the burst of strong light.

  8. Mansuetude· hi :-) happy new year 2u2. cu soon

    Eden· The interview is actually from when he was writing the Graveyard Book. I have yet to read it.

    Kate· yes :) and thanks

    Elizabeth· I hope you are warm and cozy too

    Thereza· thanks :)

    Aimee· yeah 'did :) thanks. I love how your mind works as well :)

    Gracia· You're welcome. I do like it:)

    Thanks guys, for stopping by :-)

  9. i love the photo with the green jug, beautiful colours. it is grey here too, longing for sunshine and wearing brightly coloured tights every day to make up for it!