Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Miss You

Remember; you can still participate in the big Scraps give-away.
*Monday will be last chance to enter*.
Thanks to all who have entered so far :)
On October 8th, Herta Müller received this year's Nobel Prize in Literature. I am reading her 1986 novel Der Mensch ist ein groβer Fasan auf der Welt (»Man is a great pheasant in the world«), in English published as The Passport, and I have a feeling I'll be reading it many times and again ...
I am overthrown by this poetic, quiet, amazing, frightening little book, so unlike anything I have read. An excerpt and a photo.


  1. hi Christine! I will follow your recomendation, I never read Herta Muller, I read something about her life, but I definitely will! thanks

  2. thanks for the reminder to the writer; my head has been in the rabbit hole, i guess.

    love so much the glossy light erasing the images on the text pages above; i played with this idea in glossy magazines and got some great results.

    blessings and yes, pie is always good and available; whip cream to top it.