Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome, Friday

Must share newly found soft spot Irish singer Lisa Hannigan. She did the cover for her album herself - as she said in an interview: »I'm quite the crafter«. Made me smile. She's so sweet.
There are so many lovely tunes on YouTube, but this version of I Don't Know pushed me over the edge. (although one shouldn't deprive oneself of the official video). Need I say I ordered the album? Sorry, I·Tunes - this crafty cover I gotta have :-) (via lovely all buttoned up).

Scraps is released Sunday ... I feel a give-away coming up ... :-)
I wish you warm and soothing weekend days.


  1. i love her music! thanks for such a great link, will def be getting a cd too :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  2. hello Christine... happy Sunday.

    love that photo i was awed by the colors... Lisa seems so joyful.

    Congrats on your Book you must be so excited.


  3. Hi Hi!
    First- thank you so much for stopping by our Innerworks blog! That's wonderful. So glad to meet you and loved looking through your blog! I went to school for a semester in Copenhagen and lived with a wonderful family in Skovlunde who are still part of my life!! I would love to enter your give away drawing and will talk more with you very soon!!