Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday at the gym, I all of a sudden sensed the smell of Autumn. Do you get that too? Sometimes it's the earthy smell of outside, sometimes the rain, sometimes that hard-to-put-your-finger-on smell, when you instantaneously think: Sweaters. Knitting. Tea. Forestwalks. Soup. Candles. Bam! All at once, in a smell.
I love the Autumn. Love-love-love. If I was to choose a favourite season, Autumn would be it.
Which one is yours?
Loveliness for both eye and ear at Par3rgon.
Have a sweet Tuesday :)


  1. that happens to me too, but it's usually with a "summer smell".
    I have had plenty of sun and heat in Corsica and am ready for Autumn now! Although it doesn't start before 1 month or 2 :)

  2. Yes, I know this. And sometimes it is the sun - it starts to shine different and the sounds are not so bright. I love autumn, but it makes me melancholic. My favourite is spring :-)

  3. Definitely Autumn!!! And I hate winter, right now my fingers are frozen... grrrrrr

  4. aw... autumn. my gosh, it's nearly time, isn't it? yes, i'd have to agree that fall is a favorite season, though not as dramatic in california as it was in new york. still, a favorite.

  5. ja.. men jag blir så rädd när det plötsligt luktar höst ... och jag fortfarande tycker det skall vara sommar!