Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Diary

The Dear Diary project is so much about process. It is so important for me that I challenge myself, and the Diary is a playground in which I can feel free.
However, ambition and everlasting judging play here too, and sometimes, when a Diary page goes -- since there's no wrong here, then -- off!, dark skies gather over the premises :-) I liked this spread better a good three or four stages ago. But then green paint entered, and ... well—Process.

Flipping back through the book, shows me exactly when I have been feeling creatively relaxed, and when I've been struggeling. There are days when I'd had liked all pages to be perfect, but that's no Diary. My book is, in this way, very honest, raw and tells the story of a process. Ups and downs. Flow and no. And green paint where there should have been none ...
Best of weekends to you.
Before you go :·) Great stuff at Poppytalk Handmade (via LeiLiLaLoo)


  1. so true indeed :)
    Have a nice week-end!

  2. loving those legs flailing out of her thought space!
    very funny.

    good weekend.

  3. dear christine, i got your little gift today and you cannot imagine my happiness!!! and my dilemma now::: the notebook is far too beautiful to use... maybe i should doodle around it, interacting with your beautiful designs and illus? well, will blog about it next week and see what you lot think :) soooo happy, you made my day!

    have a lovely weekend! :)

  4. Hi Christine

    Thanks for adding my blog to your list!

    Looking at your diary reminds me of my own "a-collage-a-day-project":

    Your art looks great. Keep up the great work!


  5. your blog is really cute! :)

  6. i'm catching up with your blog now. I don't have much time lately, but it feels great to come across your posts and your diary. I remember how amazed i was when I came here and saw your pieces more than a year ago. Your art still moves me.

  7. oh gosh, i hear you. it's all about riding the ups and downs. i think it's true, whoever said that the most important part of art-making is to stay out of our own way was so right! so true, so true. (and i too love the legs popping out of the torso.)