Tuesday, May 5, 2009


F as in alphabetAnother letter in the alphabet (larger). Here we have also been swimming a bit these last two days—in sparkling spring rain.
Some movie stuff: Wonderful Mansuetude linked to a stunning (I can not emphasize this enough -- please see it) animated film; The distance from the moon.
Althea Crome knits mini-mini-miniature clothing, and she made the clothing for the dolls in the upcoming movie Coraline. Man! This is good stuff. This really great story is written by Neil Gaiman (super cool), and the movie is directed by Nightmare-Before-XMas-director Henry Selick. Doesn't get any better. Goooood stuff.
Yep! And there's ·kiksekage· on the Food Blog.


  1. i love that little fish. a good "f" mascot for certain.

  2. That goldfish looks as though they have bags of personality... off to follow your links with a spring in my step.

  3. The Distance from the Moon... ah! such perfection.