Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of Word and Colour

While leaving word with my fellow bloggers, I enjoy the word verifications. The computer who generates them comes up with great words, like califlat and terrer, and I always fantasize that one day I will get a word that means something and is completely suitable for that very moment! :-) Has it happened to you?
1. hello
I seem to hear you

Anna Emilia Laitinen via Eddy and Edwina
small magazine – so much inspiration (so many bloggers)
Have yourself a peaceful weekend.


  1. I do find these verification words funny too. This one is "pavencid" :)
    Have a lovely week-end! Thanks for the Small Magazine link as well :)

  2. Många vackar bilder här på din blogg! Tack för besök hos mig, välkommen åter!

    Ordverifikationerna skulle man spara och ha i en lek där man ska hitta på beskrivningar på vad de egentligen betyder.
    Annars tycker jag att det är lite jobbigt att skriva in dem när jag lämnar kommentarer...

  3. Me too. Now it says freclog, but I've found some very very funny (like once I got my hubbie's name)
    Good weekend to you too. I hope it's a sunny one :)

  4. I think the word verification has changed actually. before it was just like "kjhuptt" - now it always looks like words. Unknown words, but words. It's much easier to write them ... I get them immedeatly nowadays.

    Mine is werso

  5. i HATE those verifications, and don't use one on my blog, its always messing me up ... (I type too much already) :)


    i love your bottom photo, it made me think of whipped ice creams... so sensual.

  6. tagged your soul and blog, etc... :)