Thursday, December 25, 2008

In Between

I love inbetweens. The space in which nothing is thought, nothing is spoken and every possible possibility stand vibrant and open. Not being defined. Being only InBetween. A mere glimpse in ones consciousness; focus on it—and it'll be gone.
A similar, but different InBetween is the inbetween of projects. On the satisfaction of having concluded something, comes an ever so silent holding of breath, before deciding what to make next. It is empty and endless in the best way. Followed inevidably by a roaring river of defining new projects. Awesome!
So. The Sweater:
And the perhaps-new stuff:

Elsebeth gave me these two books (Thank you, dear friend;). I looove them. They're completely 70s-groovy. No rules or patterns—"just-crochet-away-and-see-what-happens". Great!

Composing A Day by Knick Knack.
Mac-Love this :-)

Have a sweet day


  1. I like your sweater. And the color is just perfect :)

  2. love when you share your thoughts. Beautiful! Merry Christmas

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to another year of reading your blog and see where your next adventure takes you.

    All the best and happy holidays! :)

  4. Merry Christmas Christine. The sweater looks wonderful.

  5. You're a good knitter! The books are very promising. Love the seventies :)

  6. Javisst är det ett skönt tillstånd när allt känns möjligt och allt kan ske och inget är begrä lite otryggt oxå...det är allt lite både och det där!

    Superfin tröja!!!!!!!!!