Saturday, December 6, 2008

Change is coming

I haven't been very busy here lately—my mind has been preoccupied. In a huge way. Change is coming; it's exciting and breathtaking. And it is going to be wonderful. I'm sure of it. —not going to spill the beans just yet, but it won't be long:)
Made a misteltoe. From felting-wool, scraps af yarn and wooden beads.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Please pay a visit to Amy Atlas. Sugar Art—yum. And to Victor Dubrovski (and animals). Via Slowprogress.


  1. that sounds so good... can i order a serving of that!

    missletoe will bring kisses to your door... :)
    I throw one over, catch it! Stick it on your cheek.

  2. woupch! caught. thank you—and right back at'ya :)

  3. Vilken fin, tänk så mycket olika grejer du gör med dina händer:)
    Ha en bra vecka!

  4. Oh, Christine, that's a beautiful ornament!!
    ... and I can't wait to know more of those great changes!!

  5. missletoe! How fun to have it handmade! And it is beautiful...

  6. adorable mistletoe. can't wait to hear more about the good news...

  7. so very beautiful...clever idea!! :)

  8. Here's to new things! To change! To little things like misteltoe and big things, too. Here's to it all!

    g xo

    P.S. Super curious.

  9. How clever, I LOVE your mistletoe, what a beautiful, creative ornament.

    Great blog!