Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Haha. Sometimes I feel like I'm waaayy ahead of me, and I runrunrun to catch up. But I can't help laughing at it, 'cause I know it's only my ambitions running up there, turning it's head every two seconds, going C'mon, you slow twit, get moving. And I just laugh harder.
Anyhoo--feeling utterly uninspired, I took a few lazy evenings on the couch last week, and then -BAM!- was hit by a zillion ideas on Monday. (Runrunrun -- haha:-D) A few of them are here (below) and in the shop. More to come.

Very beautiful, spiritual post from Superhero Journal
Cool Castle T from Resurrection Fern (note also the awesome pillow ;-)
"I love green" Collection from Resurrection Fern's Flick'r
Great Stockholm Talents

and three little wishes for Xmas ;-)


  1. i love when that burst of inspiration comes. it's magic! and i love your new creations...

  2. i do that too--silent and sloggy and then all of it just opens and i can barely hope to retain it!!!

    Glad you are well!

  3. Ja. är det inte konstigt hur vi ibland glömmer att ta ledigt? Inspirationen behöver också lite paus. Vad kul att den strömmade fram sen!

  4. Running, running, running... you are so busy, busy, busy.

    I second Mansuetude, so glad you are well.