Friday, October 10, 2008

Unimportant important

Sometimes, littlest things can be so big. I had so many little things today, my chest almost can't hold it. Wonderful, insignificant and overwhelming. —I looked for this song for (I'm not kidding you) 19 years, and today it found me. I listened to it, and it was no big deal, but my heart laughed. Things like this. All day.
Heard this (below) on the radio. You be the judge of its littleness/greatness :-)

I send you happiness, for the weekend to come.


  1. I like this drawing very much. It has such an autumn mood.

  2. I like your description of your heart given over to laughter...

  3. hello beautiful person! how wonderful your trees blown into and yet standing so sensually. I am so well! I appreciate your note.

    I really loved that movie White Nights, the dancing part--i love both those dancers in it...its a georgeous fall day and I hope you are dancing too (inside at least) smiling!

  4. Kära Christine
    Jag vill också höra men det fungerar inte...

  5. this ink darwing is so sincere in its simplicity