Sunday, October 5, 2008

Self Control and Rough Weather

In need for indoor shoes, she had only one request: Kitty!

Fun, and very easy to make, with leftover felt from the Tea-House. I'd like to make more, but it will have to wait a while. I have a few unfinished projects :)

Thank you all, for your sweet, encouraging words for the shop:)
Please, see these beauties from Geninne. She also has a blog.

It's rough out today. I'll stay in, try all my teas and bounce on my new chair:))


  1. åh, sådana tofflor vill jag också ha!

    Vad vackert det var med det rosa ochdet gröna ihop.

  2. my goodness these slippers are absolutely adorable. so sweet.

  3. Söta Christine, jag ser att du fortfarande använder muggen:):):)