Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm speachless! Partly because it was that good, partly because my voice is reduced from all the screaming, woohouuing and singing last night. His final concert of his 25live World Tour, and I was there, jumping, dancing, laughing and clapping my hands together for two hours straight, completely exhillerated.
It was an awesome show. After 27 years, he sooo still got it. Groovy, funky can't-sit-down-gotta-move-got it. Thank you, B, for calling, M for buying, and H for jumping-singing next to me. And thank you, GM, for stepping off the posters of my mid-80's pink teenageroom-walls to grant me this beautiful experience.

Thank you for your words - and link - on my previous post. Bunny sends her love and appreciation - she feels very welcome :) And Rina; thank you for tagging me - I will post my randomness shortly :) I wish you all a glorious Sunday:)) Ev'rybody - C'mon -- waaiiii. Oups - sorry - concert-vibes still in me.

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