Friday, July 18, 2008

My New Handbag and other Friday likings

Knitted, felted and finished. I'm so happy. It is still wet - fresh out of the washer - and I need to sew a zipper in. (Allthough I'm still considering this part; it will flatten it a little bit, but I will definately use it more, if it has a zipper). It also has a little pocket inside for my cell:) I'm so happy. Yarn and recipe is from Bette Design in Copenhagen (design by Tove Fejrø).

I was tagged by Mansuetude (thank you:) with six things I like today;

1. My Family (always)
2. The smell of freshly baked bread
3. The beginning of a new project (going for the Hemlock)
4. Reminding myself that we are all just children, and no matter where we are or who we are, we ultimately just hope to be happy and want to be loved.
5. The. Awesome. Beauty. Of. Bloggers.
6. All-day-yummy-thinking of the movie a saw last night - JUNO - if you haven't seen it, please do. It is so warm and funny and wonderful (and has a great score - you can listen on the official site)

Thank you, M, I enjoyed reading yours, and look forward to read Kelly, Marie-Louise, Gracia, Fruen and Alexandra.

Also, please visit Duermevela - beautiful blog
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Thanks. I love your answers (as always) and all the links you shared. Now i have to see Juno, too. Happy weekend. That bag of yours is so tender.

  2. I'll play with you tomorrow. It's a bit too late right now.

    lovely handbag!

  3. AJJJJ, den er da bare FORCOOL Christine :D
    Den har virkelig ændret udtryk fra første gang du viste den...
    Virkelig fed!!!! :D
    Tak fordi du *taggede* mig...Har lige noget arbejde inden min ferie mandag...Men, så er jeg på :D

  4. Hi Christine! Very cool to see your images for this. Mmm, fresh bread and I love that movie, it has a wonderful soundtrack.

    Thanks for the thinking of me.

    Also, I gave you an award, visit and check it out.

  5. Very nice things. I'm happy to see it all.

  6. Helt skøn taske, den ser så glad ud ;-)

  7. i love the handbag. there is something so wonderful about felt! and the colors are delightful.

  8. Love, Love this bag!! Can you point me to the pattern???
    Thanx so much!!