Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Drive in the Country

Visited friends in their summer house this weekend; talking, walking, barbecueing and crab-fishing. I started (-yet another -) handbag:) I like bags. And I love knitting in the car. The bag is a hoot to knit, and I absolutely fell in love with the yarn - oohh the colours:)) (Please click for a larger image)
I hope you too had a wonderful weekend.

Please read Mansuetude's silly mood (made me so happy), and visit Flora Douville for soft watercolour alphabet animals (and more).


  1. Hi Christine! Thanks for your lovely words. I love what I see here and will definitely be back! Beautiful photo's, happy weekend. I just love the little bit of blue in each one. :-)

  2. Hi Christine
    Your blog and your work are beautiful,
    i'm glad I've stopped by and thank you for your note on my blog.
    I have an illustration which is very similar to one of your works
    [ the "wide" one ]
    Ill send it to you.
    Thanks again and congratulations!

  3. Herlig weekend ;D Glæder mig til at se ny taske...hihi

  4. Seems like a lotta fun and great weather :)

  5. love the tunnel effect in your ball of yarn! enjoy .your summer