Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th

The actual weather forecast from last night. Feels like summer:)
Gracia Haby has a really beautiful blog - she makes wonderful collages:)

Inspired by Mansuetudes thoughts today, I want to share a slice of my day;) Today, I visited my old school (for the first time since I graduated) and it was an extremely powerful experience. You know that movie-trick when the camera zooms in as the camerawagon is pulled back fast? It's usually during a portrait scene and feels like -woouuscchh-. Looking into my old class rooms, I felt like that. Everything came roaring at me - sounds, voices, smells, feelings, moods -- and walking on, eyes off the room, it was gone. Breathtaking.


  1. I think I'll be having my school meeting next year, or so i've been told, and I'm totally scared since I only remember four or five people from those days... ugh! Am I bad at recalling people's names and so!! ;)

  2. i can feel the tunnel almost sucking me back through your description. it goes back to what you wrote again, about making a vow to now feel time moving too fast, remember?

    Enjoy your now. :)

  3. Thank you, m:)
    Sometimes it's easy as breathing, sometimes I must remind myself to remember:) Flashes of my childhood threw me off there for a sec:) Felt good, though. I think the key is not dwelling

  4. These meteoroligal Mandalas are beautiful.
    Like your description.

  5. enjoy your day!
    and thank you for passing by!
    I really like your drawings!!