Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th / IF: Wrinkles

("There lives a grand old lady in the wrinkles on my hand
She smiles at me from time to time,
her giggles dry as sand
She holds my gaze, and in her eyes I see the endless time

Alas – the grand old lady's eyes
– they look a bit like mine"

Also part of Dear Diary.


  1. This would fit perfectly in my hand project!

  2. Beautiful...really beautiful!!

  3. Nice one. One of the best for this topic. Yeah.

  4. lovely hand, you can see emotion and motion in it. Did you make up that riddle? I have never heard it before, its really fun. ;)

  5. great drawing, love the decorative writing flowing around the hand

  6. Thank you :)

    Mansuetude - I made it up for this post:)

  7. Vilka fina snirkliga ord du skriver, underbar handstil! Och när man ser din teckning av handen - vid första ögonkastet tänker jag på Esti... lätt gjort nu efter alla hennes händer...
    Tänk vad intressant det är med allas projekt. Och ditt, detta med dagboken, det gillar jag sååå mycket!

  8. oo. i love your style of drawing over the picture. ^_^ nice blog. check out mine somtime! ^_^

  9. So here is a random thought for your day that seems to go inline with your (very clever) wrinkle theme. I was reading (in yahoo?) that if you look at the outside of your hand, the wrinkles and skin tone is a reflection of environmental toxins and sun. If you turn your hand over and look at the wrist then that is a true indicator of what your skin should look like for your age.
    I know, random. But interesting?

  10. Nice one Christine and your lettering is really good. It has a lot of movement and strength.