Monday, March 31, 2008

March 27th-30th

Thank you for your sweet comments. I just got back, and we had a great weekend.
I had a wonderful experience; my camera batteries bailed on me (twice! - the bumping around my backpack turned the camera on), and I completely and utterly neglected the diary. I did a few snapshots with my phone (more of that later) - other than that, I just old-fashioned enjoyed myself. A bientôt:)


  1. I love the look of this and all the hand letterings! xo

  2. i like the idea expressed of just "plain old fashioned enjoyed myself."

    i was sitting on my porch the other day watching these white flowers from a dogwood tree blow like snow down the street. i thought, i should go get my camera... then thought, no. just stay here and indulge in enjoying it.

    its like we're forgetting to just live in the moment, being so busy to compose it and capture it.

    thanks for adding to this reminder!

  3. Man blir lite nostalgisk när man ser bilderna från ett gammalt memory...

  4. Yes, the hand lettering is sooo nice.

  5. I love your hand lettering Christine. Very nice.

  6. Disse sider ER SUPER dejlige:D