Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coldness and kolam (again)

Yesterday we had snow - blizard-like - and this morning, the sun made everything look crisp, bright and very beautiful.
... two days ago, spring was in full bloom, it was 7 degrees cel and the sun was warm. I cut back the rose on my balcony, and as beautiful the snow and recent frost may be for my eyes to look at, it's leathal to my little cut-back rose. I hold my breath ...

I almost finished the pillow - short of the pearls

(the botanic drawings on the top image is from this website - a treasure chest of downloadable clipart)


  1. Wonderful post Christine. The top picture is lovely and the pillow will be great. And big thanks for the link, I was looking for something like that!

  2. Like very much the collage you made here!

  3. such a gentle and tender post, towards flower. i love that image you choose and how it connects to your love of your rose plant. i think with such kindness, the flowers will come out for you! :)

  4. Thanks for the link. it's so useful. ;)

  5. I can't wait for spring to come too! I miss planting flowers...
    Yeah, I wasn't feeling very well for awhile. But I've decide I am just not gonna dwell at it. I am going to start sleep earlier and have a more normal schedule and hopeful I will feel better soon. : )

  6. Thanks for visiting, Christine. Your diary-project is amazing! And I keep my fingers crossed for your rose...