Thursday, March 20, 2008

Born to grind

I have been grinding spices for tomorrow's moroccan lamb. The spice blend is called Haz el Hanout (it feels so good to say; prenounced hrrazz el hrranut :)) My fingers smell awesome of fennel, cinnamon and coriander, and I just vowed, from now on I will always buy spices hole - it was so fulfilling to grind them myself. I have to admit, I have a great passion for cooking (and baking and preserving), so two days in the kitchen like this, preparing and making slow food with tons of flavour, warmth and strength, makes me dizzy with happiness.
Today, being the first day of the easter holiday, also made room for a little baking (apple, vanilla and raisin).
... and blogging, of course ;-) I have Kupkup-land on my blog roll, and look what she made. And amazing drawings by Liza Corbett (via Book By Its Cover).


  1. i love those spices, too, and prefer to grind... also with nutmeg, a little grating is so nice in the air ...

    i love your rolls, i do them too--and Hullah.

    Happiest Easter.

  2. See, I don't usually coment in food posts beacuse I'm very clumsy in the kitchen. My husband is the one who cooks! I'm a lucky girl! :)