Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beautiful music and greatfulness

Ever since I saw La petit putain, waaaay back when, I've found Charlotte Gainsbourg to be so incredibly beautiful - and last year she made beautiful music. She has such a delicate voice, and a sweet, subtle accent.
I love this song, and I get lost in these quiet lyrics;

I saw somebody who/ reminded me of you/ before you got afraid/i wish that you could've stayed that way/i saw a little girl/i stopped and smiled at her/ she screamed and ran away/ it happens to me more and more these days//and these songs that you sing/ do they mean anything/ to the people you're singing them to/ people like you
i saw a photograph/a woman in a bath/ of hundred dollar bills/if the cold doesn't kill her, money will//i read a magazine/that said by seventeen/ your life was at an end/ i'm dead and i'm perfectly content//and these songs that i sing/ do they mean anything/ to the people i'm singing them to/ people like you// and these songs that we sing/ do they mean anything/ to the people we're singing them to// tonight they do

Sweet, inspiring Flora gave me an "I love you this much"-award. Thank you so so much, Flora. I give it right back to you - I visit you everytime I'm in blog-land:)) I also want to give it to ... everyone here. I'm so inspired, every day I discover new blogs, new fantasic, talented people who create and write and share, and I love it -- SO much. Karin, Camilla, Marie-Louise, Andrea, Sandra, Raquel, Jennifer, Tascha, Rachel, Aspa, Julia, Kelly, Ann, Kirin, and many many more:)


  1. wow! I didn't know she makes music aswell!

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful song. So glad you shared.

    I also gave YOU the "I love you this much" award. And thanks for the award back - I'm so happy to have met you and others from all over the world. This internet thing is pretty dandy that way :)