Saturday, January 5, 2008

Illustration Friday: 100%

100% process.
January 5th; I'm somewhat preoccupied with my "Dear Diary" project (if you like, you can see posts here, and the idea here).
I think he's about to eat something. An orange maybe. Have a good weekend:)


  1. And now I'm obsessed with your diary project too. ;-) Very cool.

  2. .. . well! Open WIDEEEERRR!

    I looked in and thought, i hope he isn't about to sneeze!!! Your whole book would come undone at the seems..

    Thanks for your kind comments. Nice of you to come by, next time i will try to serve tea. : )

  3. fantastic idea, christine! can't wait to see the pages as you go

  4. Your "Dear Diary" project is wonderful and so full of life! Looking very much forward to seeing all your pages this year. I have received a Moleskine for Christmas and also attempt to draw something every day.

  5. Looks like I will have to come by each day too. Its going so well...