Thursday, December 27, 2007


Wonderful, talented, humorous Tascha tagged me for 5 art facts, and to tag someone else, so here goes:
  1. the creative process, even of simple projects, usually takes me through the whole gamut of emotions.
  2. I love it when my fingers get stained from working
  3. long ago I took drawing lessons from a VERY charismatic teacher. It took me 2 years to learn to draw like him (not as well as him, but being young and susceptible, I more or less copied his style) and at least twice as long to learn NOT to draw like him. It was very educational.
  4. years later, another great artist and teacher, Bjarne Agerbo, was the once who, through the wonderful world of etching, opened my eyes to the way I'm still working today
  5. artsy medium to bring with me to desert island: my pen and bottle of encre de chine; thick, black, liquid ink. Mmm:)
I'm tagging Neilornstein for 5 art facts, hoping he'll want to play :)