Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Such a rookie

I'm quite new at this. I've only been blogging since August, and I love it. I was tagged a few days ago, for the first time, and it was FUN. Fun learning odd stuff about people, fun posting.
I love visiting blogs by all kinds of humongeorgsly (not a word, C) creative people from all over the world. I love the positive attitude I find, love beeing inspired on an everyday basis. So cool.

I just recently came across "swapping" on some blogs. Gotta learn s'more about that. It seems like such a cool idea, allthough I don't know how it works. Can anybody tell me a little of what, how, hoo?

On my little evening stroll tonight I came by (I'm in a stitching mood); Floresita and Felling Stitchy. Ummmnn:)))


  1. Hej Christine

    superfin blog du har her - fandt dig via Sabine. Faldt lige over denne swap, som måske var noget for dig. Vi ses.

  2. swapping is one of the best things about blogging. when i get my health back and start making new work i'd love to swap with you, i love your ink and stamp pieces you made recently, but it will be some time before i'm better so by then you will be making new work, exciting to wonder what it may look like.