Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comin' up for air

Sometimes I fall into the habit of making things a little too planned and well-considered. I get irritated with myself, when that happens. It's a bit suffocating.
So I enjoy experimenting, using an element I can't control. In this case, liquid ink. Goes where it wants to. The "stamp" is a sprig I broke off a bush on my way home. The result is of lesser importance, now I feel I can breathe again:)
(I must have felt it strongly -- I didn't intend this visualisation -- but I cut off my thoughts on this one above. *Haha*, the subconscience works in powerful ways. And I'm a goat:)


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!!

    I've tagged you on my blog, 5 weird or random things, if you want to join in.

  2. i like this a lot, does it bother you that it's not all planned?

  3. Thank you:)

    Foreveryoung - Yes! It's part of the excercise for me. I am easily - again and again - deluded into thinking that I have to have control of the creative process, in order to make something worth looking at. But as a result, my work get stiff and boring.

    But unexpected and sometimes interesting things happen when I loosen my grip. And this helps me trust that I can do stuff without holding on so tight. I make things I could never have "thought up". It feels awesome. (I also throw a lot of them out;-) And I try to remember that these little breathers are more about the process than the result.