Saturday, November 24, 2007

The old cisterns

Yesterday I visited an old underground water reservoir, now a museum for modern art, The Cisterns, build in the 1850s to supply Copenhagen with water. We were to see an exhibition with glass artists, but it was the huge underground cathedral-like rooms, and the permanent exhibition with these late 1700 sculptures, that had the biggest impact on me. Water was on the floor and on the walls, and dripstone hung from the ceiling and the arches. Sound smashed from wall to wall in endless echoes. It was awesome! (I only had the camera in my phone, hence the scruffy quality).


  1. Wow, I will go there soon.

  2. Hi Christine
    love your pictures, what a nice
    feeling, love the scruffy look.
    Tina Brok

  3. These photos have a warm, beautiful atmosphere.

    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment about my Illustration Friday submission.

    P.L. Frederick
    SMALL & big

  4. You have a nice blog but my English is too porr to say what beautiful it is.

  5. That looks like a fantastic place to be--I can almost imagine being there (camera phone images notwithstanding!).

  6. I'm looking at these photos again and cannot even imagine what an amazing modern art museum that must be. Wow!

    P.L. Frederick (SMALL & big)