Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Experimenting ...

Must-obey-rule: Keep it simple (I think I'm having a fase;)

I'd like to make Kathys notelet someday.


  1. I love these so much! Ack! I must bring out my brushes and start to paint somehow... you might have given me the push I need!

    P/s: Thanks for the note about my illo for IF's Hats-you're too kind!

  2. OH MY.... these are great, Christine! Simple and beautiful!! I can see you do a whole series of alphabets this way!! : )

  3. Thanks, guys:) You make me so happy. Really. And what a great idea, Flora -- often for these little exps, I think of the technique rather than the theme. An alphabet would be a great way of binding them together:))

  4. i love the breakfast outside.
    so simple and so complete.

  5. Wonderful. The work on your BLog is great!