Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night I finished the Capecho. A, all in all, wonderful knitting experience, in two fases though - before and after The Post on Kate's Knitlit blog. Body done, collar waiting to be made, I was, well ... not that happy with my result so far. It didn't quite match the one on the photograph. So the yarn returned to the basked, new projects were commerced, until I met Kate's blog.

Which makes me want to skip right to the credit lines -- (d'you hear the music? Now? All right -- GO!) -- I'd like to thank Norah Gaughan -- thank you, Norah, for designing an amazingly beautiful piece. Knitting this was a pleasure. And to Vogue Knitting Magazine, for bringing it in their Winter 06-mag. But last, and most importantly, Thank you, Kate, and all your blog readers and writers(roar of applaus) for informing me, through that long debat of yours about this particular piece of handycraft, that there was no way in ... this wonderful piece of knitwear could ever look like the one in the picture in that Vogue Knitting Mag, unless you forced the thing together with clips on the back. Thank you thank you thank you.

So this here (picture above) is a somewhat altered version of Norah's Capecho. I like it. It's warm, it's soft, and it is finished!
On to the next ...


  1. Hej Christine
    Jamen jeg SÅ den jo godt... men fik ikke fortalt dig, hvor fantastisk flot den er!! Du er en meget dygtig "strikkerske"! Tillykke med det flotte resultat. Knus fra Vibeke

  2. Most excellent work; you should be proud! I finished knitting a lowly pair of socks last night. Not nearly so pretty, but functional.

  3. it's fabulous. looks so advanced! beautiful.

  4. bravo christine! it looks amazing in the blue! your "scraps" book. your design work is lovely. : )