Sunday, October 14, 2007

Almost IF: Extremes

Usually, the illustrations I do for Illustration Friday take me hours. I work on'em, then sleep on'em, and then I work some more. This week holds no time for this process, so this (dot) in contrast to what I usually do, is going to be my "extreme" ...
Is it far fetched? Hmmm -- I guess it is a bit;)


  1. Christine, hahaha~~ I love the dot!! it's funny though! :D Same here, I already know that I might not have time this week to do artwork for IF... so busy at work, too!

    Our gig went really well! So many girl scouts it was crazy, and we were signing posters and CDs (and eventually, signing their hands) till our arms were falling off!! It was such a great experience!!! :)

    ps: we play pop/rock music and you can hear some of our songs on


  2. Really extreme! I like specially the style and the power of the color (red).
    Thanks a lot for your words on my blog...